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How to design pulse bag filter correctly

The largest number of Chinese enterprises is small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of Chinese enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the abundant funds of large enterprises, and it is impossible to spend billions to support large-scale electrostatic precipitator units. They are still reluctant to adopt bag type dust collectors with high material and film coating. Therefore, according to the production characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, pulse filter cartridge dust collectors with smaller floor area and stronger dust removal and purification capacity may be their best choice.

How to design pulse bag filter correctly?

(1) Pulse bag filter design pulse bag filter correctly determines the amount of flue gas burned. The filtering area determines the size of the dust collector. If the estimation is large, the equipment investment is high and there will be no problem in operation. However, if the estimated amount of flue gas is small, the actual filtration speed will be large, resulting in large equipment resistance and poor ash removal, which is difficult to operate continuously for a long time.
(2) Pulse bag filter design pulse bag filter pay attention to the matching of dust removal filter bag materials. If the filter material is not suitable, the service life of the machine will be greatly affected. If you consider replacing the filter material, the cost is relatively high.
(3) Pay attention to the acid dew point of flue gas when designing pulse bag filter. When the flue gas temperature is lower than the acid dew point, the acid liquid generated by condensation will corrode the equipment and form smoke and dust on the filter material. Therefore, some measures should be taken for the bag dust collector, such as ash hopper heating, hot air circulation, pipeline bypass, equipment insulation, flue gas heating, etc.
(4) When designing pulse bag filter, pay attention to the selection of equipment sophistication. In this aspect, especially the parts and components of the pulse injection system, inspection doors, ash discharge and ash conveying devices, the coordination of dust removal filter bag and flower board, the design and processing quality of dust removal framework (smoothness and verticality, etc.), otherwise it will affect the long-term good luck of the equipment.
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