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What is the feasibility of using pulse bag filter in mines

Mine pulse bag filter is more and more widely used in the industry. Its dust removal scheme is also formulated according to the dust and working conditions of customers. The general dust removal methods are divided into the following three types:

1. Crushing and dustproof. For the dust generated during the operation of various crushing equipment, on the basis of equipment sealing, the combined dust removal method of wet dust and mechanical dust can be selected. Bag type dust collector or wet type dust collector shall be selected as the purification equipment for mechanical dust removal. Wet dust collector shall be selected for dust removal of underground crushing chamber. When the exhaust of dust removal system can not be discharged to return air roadway or ground, but can only be discharged locally, the exhaust shall be treated by high-efficiency filter.
2. Explosion and dust prevention. The amount of dust produced during ore explosion and the time of dust production converge. The primary dustproof measures are spray watering and water seal explosion. Spray water is often used as an explosive wave sprayer, a water curtain and a water air ejector.
3. Rock drilling dust prevention. Wet rock drilling with high dust removal efficiency is preferred. When wet drilling conditions are not available, dry dust collection drilling can be selected. Dry dust collection drilling can be divided into two ways: dust extraction with dust cover at the drilling mouth or dust extraction at the hole bottom. If it is not suitable for many water use, foam can be used for dust removal, foam will be pressed into the bottom of the hole or sprayed on the orifice, or the dusty air should be introduced into the foam cleaner.
4. Dust prevention during transportation. There are a lot of dust in ore accumulation, rock loader, loader, scraper, tramcar, belt conveyor and ore drawing, loading and unloading.
When the flue gas containing dust in the mine pulse bag dust collector enters the middle and lower boxes from the air inlet of the dust collector, the dust is adsorbed on the dust removal filter bag, and the gas enters the upper box through the venturi tube through the filter bag and is discharged from the air outlet. With the accumulation of dust on the filter bag, the pressure loss of the filter bag gradually increases, and the pressure loss is fed back to the controller by the pressure gauge. The controller receives and sends out instructions, and triggers each pulse solenoid valve in sequence, so that the gas in the air bag is instantaneously ejected from each hole of the jet pipe and injected into the corresponding filter bag through the venturi pipe. The filter bag expands rapidly under the instantaneous reaction of the air flow, so that the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag falls off, and the filter bag is regenerated and reused
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