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Application of pulse bag filter for carbon black dust in rubber mixing workshop

The use of carbon black dust pulse bag filter in rubber mixing workshop the use of carbon black dust pulse bag filter in rubber mixing workshop of rubber products factory is the correct design provided by our company for the working conditions of rubber products factory, and provides a reference basis for the use of pulse bag filter. Dust may be generated and emitted during the transportation, weighing, feeding and unloading of carbon black in the rubber mixing workshop of rubber plant. The rubber mixing process will also produce flue gas and dust.

Most of the pollution points in the rubber mixing workshop of the rubber factory are equipped with various pulse bag dust removal equipment. However, due to the user's lack of understanding of its mechanism and unable to operate and maintain correctly, a considerable part of the dust removal equipment can not purify the air or play its great purification function, which wastes energy and causes secondary pollution to the environment. Incorrect operation and maintenance lead to a significant reduction in the service life of the equipment. Extremely fine carbon black dust, if diffused into the atmosphere at a sufficiently high concentration, may cause short circuit failure of electrical components of mechanical equipment, or even fire and explosion.

Our company supplies the carbon black dust pulse bag filter system in the rubber mixing workshop of rubber products factory, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also effectively reduces the emission of hot waste gas, and the dust removal emission concentration is less than 30mg / nm & sup3;. So that the whole dust removal system scheme can be effectively applied to the treatment of dust and waste gas in user working conditions, production and other processes. Service scope: a full set of technical services such as process, electrical and automatic control system design, equipment and pipeline supply, equipment installation and commissioning of dust collector treatment system.

Design principles and guiding ideology of pulse bag filter project in rubber products factory:

1. In the design, advanced, mature, reliable and practical process technology is adopted, which reflects the requirements of circular economy, and energy-saving, environmental protection and efficient dust removal technology are adopted.
2. In order to save the floor area, the layout of dust removal pipeline and the installation of dust removal equipment shall be carried out according to the actual situation of the site.
3. Environmental protection and dust removal shall be fully considered in the project design. High efficiency bag dust collectors shall be set at the dust raising points to treat the dusty gas and make it discharge up to the standard.
4. The design complies with the current national and local regulations on environmental protection, fire protection, labor safety and health.

Implementation of carbon black dust pulse bag filter project in rubber mixing workshop of rubber products factory:

After the contract is signed, the engineering technology center of our company will immediately carry out the actual survey on the project site and prepare the preliminary design scheme of the dust removal system. It will carry out drawing design, production, installation and after-sales service according to your working conditions, and provide one-stop service from the successful installation, so that users can buy and use it with ease. We also have perfect after-sales service. The company makes regular return visits to customers every year to provide technical analysis, on-site investigation and technical support. Our company has accumulated many years of experience. New and old customers are welcome to consult and order.
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