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Welcome~Shanghai Zhizhi Trading Co., Ltd
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Talent is the key to run the company. Encouraging people to the best performance, managing them in right way and serving our customers with professional skills, are our talent strategy. Instead of running the company as a busineess machine, an excellent one could make it as a school. Business machine can also make money, while it cannot be a humble one and the business will not last long. To be an excellent company, we not only need to perform business, but also need to make life of each employees meaningful. 

You! Need to consider the work purpose and positioning of career, sharpen your skills and keep curiosity in work and live your true life.

Recruitment requirements:
People with ideals, morality, discipline and right ideas of culture!
Understand and recognize the worry-free culture and values of Zhizhi trade!
Continuous learning ability and self-management!
We sincerely invite talents who are eager to succeed and have the potential to succeed to join us!

fringe benefits:
We will provide you with competitive salary and benefits.
Providing good training opportunities is conducive to the common growth of itself and the enterprise.

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