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Welcome~Shanghai Zhizhi Trading Co., Ltd
Service hotlineService hotline:


About us

Comprehensive enterprise support system

Shanghai Zhizhi Trading Co., Ltd. focus on trade, consulting and logistics, forging a comprehensive enterprise supporting system.
With strong and broad business network in China, good relationship with the government, and big data center, our business network radiating from Shanghai to China. Also with the guidance of experts with rich practical experience, we have supported hundreds of customer enterprises achieve business success.
Main business contents of Shanghai Zhizhi Trading Co., Ltd.:
● Consultant on investment in China, such as government relationship, site selecetion, etc.
● Agent of factory construction related procedures
● Planning improvement of the factory environment, such as production upgrade, power saving, EHS mangement etc.
● Logistics Package
● Technology consultant on pipe welding, related equipment, mold import, etc

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Cooperation with thousands of customers

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